Spring Tasks


Scarify and Seeding

  • We mow the lawn before scarifying as this will help with the task of cleaning up the debris that will be removed by the scarifier. Pick a nice dry day as this will also help with the clean up work, scarifying during wet weather is very messy as well as hard work.


  • Laying lawn turf is one of the simplest ways to remedy a tired, shapeless patch of grass or to create a new lawn. It may be a little more expensive than sowing grass seed, but the benefits outweigh the cost – you’ll have an instant, usable area of lawn with no weeds or moss to spoil the effect.

Rose and Wisteria Pruning

  • Rose and Wisteria needs regular pruning to keep the growth and size under control, but it will also improve the flowering display.

Lawn treats

  • At this time of year, the lawn is actively growing and requires feeding, moss-killing, weeding and regular mowing

Planting and Re-potting

  • Early spring is a great time to repot houseplants since they’re getting ready to begin their spring growth spurt.

Pressure Wash and Tidy Up

  • Using a pressure washer to clean your patio and paths will make them look much better and stop them becoming dangerously slippery to walk on.